Experience of Twan, man of 49 years, in treatment due to overweight

On the advice of the practice supervisor and because I also thought that I was carrying too many kilos, I ended up with Corina. Caroline puts the ball down to you, that is also the key to the solution. She listens to your story and tries to discover what suits you. She gives tips, advice, is interested, motivates you and knows how to encourage you to think in a calm way. She is not a magic fairy who pulls the pounds off but gives you confidence that you can do it. She guided me well in this process. And the great thing is: with lasting results so far. And even more important: the feeling that it has given me a new balance that I can steer without having the feeling that I have to miss things or have to give up strongly. Maybe a bit of magic power? Thanks for trusting me in any case!

Thea, 60-year-old woman, health problems and vegetarian diet, referred by Vrouwenpoli Boxmeer

My name is Thea and I am 60 years old. I was referred to Corina by the Vrouwenpoli in Boxmeer, because I eat vegatarian and because of that I do not have enough food. 
I have been to Corina a few times, and have experienced that as very positive. Caroline can listen very well and I think she also hears what you are not saying, but it is meant. 

Which substances I miss, by not eating meat or fish, she has explained to me very well and why I need it for my body, and put everything very clearly and easily read on paper, so that I can still read it at home and there also arranged by suit. 

I also received good advice on what good substitutes and combinations are, complete with a few recipes, and I can now make good progress with that.

I also had a problem with when I am tired in the evening, then go to the peanuts or chocolate, and she helped me well, just by listening and allowing me to see from there what I can do better. 

If you have a problem with the diet or a diet, have to or want to follow, I would say immediately, go first talk to Corina, then it will certainly be easier. 

Corina is TOP.