Everything about Paleo

For many people Paleo is already a well-known way of eating and living, especially for the followers of our blog because Nico has already written a lot about it, you can read here his first steps in the Paleo world. Because some of the pieces are buried deep in the site and perhaps not all were up to date, I checked them all out and listed them for you.

Some more general information about Paleo is in this post , it is useful to first dive into it. Whether Paleo suits you is of course not up to me, Nico is doing very well ( why ) and I pick out elements that I personally like. Going all the way to Paleo does not suit me as a person because I do not like too many rules. Not being allowed to do something because it is not Paleo that does not add to me. From all the new insights into the food industry, I choose what appeals to me, what I have personally experienced that feels good and that makes my body happy! Nico also wrote something about this: “Stretch the Paleo rules a bit” . Not every Paleo fan will agree, but it is a free world, right? 🙂

Paleo food list

What does Paleo cover now? It might be useful to first see a list about which products all fit in a Paleo body style. The list is quite long, and those are just the basic products. Have you been busy with Paleo for a while then you probably have mastered all your favorite recipes and can vary a lot?

Losing weight with Paleo

Many people start with a different body style if they want to lose some weight. I am not in favor of diets but if you start with Paleo because of that, then that is a good step! Paleo is not a diet but you will certainly lose weight (depending on how your normal diet is of course)! Here you can read more about losing weight with Paleo.

Paleo for vegetarians?

At first glance, it seems that Paleo is only meant for meat eaters because most recipes and books are about that. But Mitchel from Foodie has also released a book for the vegetarians among us who want to follow the Paleo body style. The recipes in this book are also nice to try if you are not vegetarian but also want to go meatless for a day. For example on Meatless Monday