Why are you coming to Corina?

Whether you come up with questions about health problems where there is a connection between your complaints, your dietary habits, and lifestyle. Examples of this are high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, intestinal complaints, stomach complaints, etc. .

You come to Corina because you are struggling with being overweight and sometimes you no longer know how to handle weight loss.

Your weight continues to yo-yo and you want to get rid of it. Let Corina help you find a solution.

About Corina

I would like to introduce myself to you

My name is Corina Milder, dietician of dietitian practice Corina Milder. 

As a dietitian, I have successfully completed the 4 year HBO education Nutrition and Dietetics.  The title Dietitian is protected and may only be used after a completed education in Nutrition and Dietetics.  It is a legally recognized profession, described in Article 24 of the Individual Healthcare Professions Act.  As a dietician, I continue to attend regular training courses to meet quality requirements.  The quality characteristic of dietitians is the Paramedics Quality Register. 



Which diet and/or nutritional advice? You can go to Caroline for customized nutrition or diet advice for among other things: Overweight adults, losing weight without the yo-yo effect Overweight in children, supervision of children and/or their parents/guardians Help with eating and/or eating emotion Underweight / malnutrition Type 1 and 2 diabetes Increased cholesterol


Difference dietary advice and nutritional advice Dietary advice• This is the case if you have to follow a diet for medical reasons at the request of     your treating (family) doctor or dentist. • Often a letter of referral is required from the attending (family) doctor or dentist. • Is reimbursed from the basic insurance and possibly


Experience of Twan, man of 49 years, in treatment due to overweight On the advice of the practice supervisor and because I also thought that I was carrying too many kilos, I ended up with Corina. Caroline puts the ball down to you, that is also the key to the solution. She listens to your story

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